The goal:


Our location solutions.

Outback は、競合オーディエンスのインサイトと関連性のある広告クリエイティブを組み合わせて、現地のモバイル消費者にリーチするため、ブランド型ディスプレイを活用しました。

Proximity Targeting applied within 10 miles of Outback Steakhouse locations.

Competitive Audience Targeting focused on a 5-mile area around competitor locations including steak restaurants and other large national restaurant chains.




Case Study / Outback

Overall campaign exceeded the industry benchmark Click Through Rate (CTR) by nearly 80%

クリック後の競合戦略についてのアクティビティでは、業界の平均的な CTR より 78% 増加

Secondary conversion actions (e.g. store locator) were 11% higher among competitive targets than Outback locations

1 %

increased success rate