The goal:

Movember キャンペーンの男女両方のオーディエンスに働きかけ、キャンペーン認知度と Movember チャレンジへの参加登録数を向上。

Our location solutions.

平日の電車、地下鉄、バスの各駅に対する通勤ハブ近接ターゲティングを行い、「Move this Movember」というメッセージで通勤者にリーチ。

Office Proximity Targeting to office buildings and city centers, from Monday through Friday, to drive participant signups for the “Mo this Movember” challenge.





Products Used:


Case Study / Movember

The commuter hub targeting strategy had the strongest engagement rate, with a click through rate (CTR) 70% above industry benchmark. Engagement peaked on Mondays, when users were more likely to be in a health-conscious mindset after the weekend.

1 %

above CTR benchmark