The goal:

BMW のコアオーディエンスをターゲットに、エンゲージメントと新しいBMW 7 シリーズの認知度を高めます。

Our location solutions.


  • Experian データを使用したオーディエンスターゲティングにより、高収入の個人と高級自家用車のドライバーを特定します。
  • Retargeting audience members previously exposed to the BMW 7 Series ad, to re-engage throughout the day.

  • Store visitation beta study, using GroundTruth BlueprintsTM technology, to measure the footfall of exposed users.

  • 付加価値として、影響力の高い展開式バナーを作成。


Case Study / BMW

Proximity Targeting successfully used location data to reach BMW UK’s core audience with the highest expansion rate, 3% above benchmark and indexed highest for driving people to BMW UK dealerships.

Audience Targeting is important for driving deeper engagement and brand awareness, which is key for a considered purchase such as a car. The audience had the strongest engagement rates which were 10% higher than proximity.

1 %

above benchmark

1 %

increase in engagement rates