Posterscope and xAd Launch ‘Converged’ Billboard + Mobile Retargeting Capability

XAD | 10 / 30 / 2013

Traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising company Posterscope and mobile ad network xAd have joined forces to launch a unique program that will enable the digital retargeting of people who have seen billboards or other OOH advertising in the real world.

Billed as a first of its kind “converged media” solution, it heralds more such traditional-digital media marriages in the future. TV is another medium in which this traditional-digital synergy is rapidly taking hold.

The partnership, using xAd’s location awareness and geo-fencing capabilities, determines when people have been exposed to particular OOH signage and messaging. Those people can later be retargeted/behaviorally targeted with mobile ads to reinforce or expand upon what they’ve seen in the OOH ads.

In addition a more precise sub-group of exposed consumers can be targeted — in other words someone who fits the buyer profile. Consider a perfume or women’s fashion billboard. Lots of people (men, women, kids) might see the billboard but this partnership would allow only adult women who fit the buyer profile to receive follow up mobile ads, perhaps with offers or other incentives to try the project.

This transforms traditional OOH into something quite a bit richer and more targeted. You get the initial exposure (awareness) through OOH and then a more targeted follow-up ad that urges action via mobile advertising.

It can also be determined (using xAd’s online-to-offline methodology) whether any of those targeted individuals later visited physical stores as a result of the ad exposures.

I have no data about performance or early testing results. But this is a significant development and suggests all kinds of future possibilities using mobile devices to locate, profile and target people in combination with traditional media.

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