Get Your Site Mobile-Ready With Web Analytics

Cory Grassell | 01/19/2012

This year, mobile will come into its own as a mainstream marketing medium, as more businesses allocate larger budgets to mobile advertising and, especially, to developing mobile websites. And that’s a good thing, considering usage of the mobile Web is exploding.

In fact, a Google report shows that the percentage of search queries stemming from mobile continues to grow for many industries:

  • Restaurants: 29.6%
  • Auto: 16.8%
  • Electronics: 15.5%
  • Finance/Insurance: 15.4%
  • Beauty/Personal: 14.9%

And those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re wondering whether the trend holds true for your industry, your own analytics can help you solve the mystery of how mobile consumers are engaging and interacting with your website.

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